InSights: Then & Now

As a Collection Librarian (that’s resource collection, not debt collection) I wrote a blog on “Reading Insights.” As a RETIRED librarian, I will be sharing my insights about whatever facets of life attract my attention…including the books I finally have the time to read!

I have been trying to broaden my reading of fiction to include some of those well-reviewed and/or popular thrillers. Nope! Unless, the story is a psychological thriller, my interest lags and my progress stalls. Fifty or a hundred pages in, I still do not care what is going to happen and gratuitous violence shuts down the story even sooner. Give me a story full of complex characters- I like complex sentences, too- reacting to each others’ personalities and I zip along with relish.

Some recent gems: Thunderstruck by Elizabeth McCracken, Next Life Will Be Kinder by Howard Norman, The Storied Life of AJ Fikrey by Gabrielle Zevin, Orphan Train by Cristina Baker Kline, All We Had by Annie Weatherwax, and The Children Act by Ian McEwan.

Non-fiction fascinates me also- especially the social sciences. Expect future reviews of current ideas about religion, spirituality, psychology, technology,and the general condition of our relationships with each other these days.

This summer’s favorites: Power Cues by Nick Morgan, Virtual Unreality by Charles Seife, Invisibles by David Zweig, and The Narcissist Next Door by Jeffrey Kluger.


5 thoughts on “InSights: Then & Now

  1. This blog will be the next best thing to having you close by to ask for suggestions my next book to read. I just signed up to receive your postings in my inbox.


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