How many coffee & tea mugs does one person need? An apparently endless supply is good! Let me loose in Pier 1, Anthropologie, or Home- goods, and my supply of mugs increases. Yet, I already have so many!

I have been pondering this addiction and realizing that each of the old mugs has a story attached. The memories make me mug-removal-resistant. (Blame it on my sentimental Cancer -with -Cancer-rising side.) That angel mug always reminds me of my friend A. who has filled my life with angels for many years. The mug with the trees? It evokes a time in my life when I was learning to live alone and finding comfort in my animal companions; it was at  the pet store that I found the tree mug. The big pottery one with the crack? It’s from a church fair in Weston and always reminds me of my friend R.  The tall one with the blue flowers? It’s from a garden store in the town where my daughter used to live. Many happy grandma stories swirl around with the tea or coffee in that one.

Maybe a collection of vignettes to match my collection of mugs…Hmm.


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