A classic “boy meets girl” story, with intriguing twists. Author Bill Roorbach plants the seeds of love in a truly terrifying setting in his latest novel. The “boy” is a young, married, smalltown, Maine lawyer. The “girl” is a younger, homeless, wary, volatile mess. They meet at a grocery checkout, where she cannot pay for her purchases and the idealistic Galahad steps in. A snow storm is predicted,so he follows her to her squat- a rough cabin by a river. Reluctant to leave her alone there and trying to “do the right thing,” the man misjudges the storm and gets trapped in the creaky cabin. No phone, no electricity, no plumbing, no straight answers…just more and more snow, until the cold cabin is surrounded by roof- high drifts.  Intimacy is not an option; it’s the only possibility. And it’s a bumpy road,as the two bicker while forced to cooperate in order to survive. Gradually they learn the truth about each other and recognize some truths about themselves. The groaning cabin ready to collapse, the packed snow, the hypothermia, the sexual tension, the creative meals from random foods…Roorbach’s descriptions carry you right into the horrifying predicament.

Publication date is October 14. THE REMEDY FOR LOVE is on order at the Westport Library.


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