Before I organized myself into an actual blog, I was commenting on Facebook about the books I had read. My intent is to add these FB postings to this blog, if I can overcome my limited technological savvy. So, some older titles with my previous comments. Here is the first one: THE LONG WAY HOME by Louise Penny

I was very happy to receive the latest Louise Penny mystery, THE LONG WAY HOME and spent the next few hours back with the good people of the rural Canadian village of Three Pines. This time, Chief Inspector Gamache is tugged out of retirement to lend his expertise to the search for one of Three Pines’ own, who is missing. Reading this is like stopping in on a family event…familiar and predictable. You are happy to be with old friends, finding the same old stories and character quirks. This chapter in the Three Pines series lacked the nuances that distinguish some of the earlier books in the series; still a good read, but lacking that ambivalent edge. If you have not read Penny’s books, start with STILL LIFE (still the best, I think) and you will probably be hooked- and you will have nine more Gamache adventures for your to-read list. (Any of the books can be a stand-alone and the focus on the vision of artists and the business of the art world adds intrigue to each story.)


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