I thoroughly enjoyed this book! BRIEF ENCOUNTERS: CONVERSATIONS, MAGIC MOMENTS, AND ASSORTED HIJINKS by Dick Cavett is the print version of Cavett’s postings on the New York Times online Opinion Pages(2010-2012.)  With his rich experience in the celebrity world, Cavett uses his insight, wit, and depth of knowledge to share many intriguing stories. The book is an elegant People Magazine.

True confession here…I am a devotee of People and find it perfect bedtime reading, as well as a way to establish a fleeting familiarity with the current world of entertainment. BRIEF ENCOUNTERS looks back on the people of People and does so with graceful and clever writing. Muhammad Ali, Marlene Dietrich, Stan Laurel, Steve Jobs, Jonathan Winters are just of few subjects. It’s insider info and nostalgia with cultural context. The short columns/chapters slide right in for a quick read…at bedtime, between chapters of other books, or as Mel Brooks suggests, in the bathroom.

I’m sure that being a contemporary of Cavett increased my enjoyment of the people he writes about. I remember his television talk show and the other shows for which he wrote. And I am very happy that these columns exist offline. I still read the New York Times in its original format and would have missed most of these without the book.


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