“Think about it: a committed Christian and an avowed atheist; a traditional blonde ‘southern belle’ and a tattooed queer. Working together to build a movement. Around religion. It kind of sounds like a punch line, doesn’t it?” -Chris Stedman, in his book FAITHEIST: HOW AN ATHEIST FOUND COMMON GROUND WITH THE RELIGIOUS.

Stedman is young(24) but recounts his journey from childhood, as he struggled with being gay and being Christian, then came out, lost his belief in God, accepted atheism, and finally identified as a Secular Humanist. He is remarkably self-aware and self-deprecating…empathetic and forgiving. After college and seminary, social service jobs in Minnesota (his birthplace) and Chicago, he is currently the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University.

My favorite quote from the book:
“Directing anger at others can feel good, but I’ve found a hangover follows. On the contrary, I’ve never regretted responding to intolerance with love.”




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