If you like the poems of Billy Collins, you will enjoy SLANT SIX, a new collection by Erin Belieu. Beliieu comments on everyday life with her keen observations and cogent implications. One of my favorite poems is “Poem of Philosophical and Parental Conundrums Written in an Election Year” It starts out:

“From the backseat, Jude saying, Mama, I HATE

Republicans, and the way he says HATE,

saying it the way only a seven-year-old can,

saying it like he’s very, very certain,

is plenty disturbing…”

From another poem (“Time Machine”):

Commit Random Acts of Kindness

is what the bumper sticker says

on the Volvo that cuts me off

in traffic, driven by a woman

    who then gives me the finger.”

And the conclusion of another (the title includes”…Proposing the Ban of Push-up Bras…”:

    “We must learn

to want each other

    in direct sunlight,

no more or less than

    what we really are.”

Belieu shines that direct light on our lives with sharp understanding and self-deprecating humor.   Good poems!


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