HERE (a graphic novel)

Graphic novels. That is the “official” term for books in which illustrations predominate, regardless of the genre of the book. Some graphic novels are memoirs, some are fiction, some are non-fiction, and some may be accurately referred to by us old folks as comic books. I have just spent some time with a wonderful graphic novel. HERE by Richard McGuire is the story of a corner of a room and of the events that occurred in that space over hundreds of thousands of years.

Multi-talented, McGuire is a New Yorker contributor, film director, inventor of a line of toys, and a bass-playing band member. HERE recreates the stories of a particular space with careful attention to details of various times, with few words and with subtle connections between the years, eras, and centuries he depicts. Native Americans, colonists, 1920’s rascals, 1950’s family scenes, pre-history, 24th century technology… these are some of the careful, historical (and futuristic) settings – all HERE in the same space, with scenes from different years superimposed on others. Fascinating!

This is a book you might want to own and revisit many times, with new details catching your attention on every visit. It’s a book for browsing and reflection. You could even interject your own version of the stories as they unfold. An opportunity for thoughtful relaxation.  A break from thrillers, super heroes, and the bad news of current events.


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