Family Secrets

EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng gradually reveals the family secrets that have led to the disappearance of their teenage daughter. James Lee is Chinese-American, a husband, father, and college professor whose discomfort with his perceived discrimination colors every aspect of his and his family’s life. His wife who is not Chinese and their three children deal with this in different ways. There are layers of misdirection and deceit that each uses to keep James reassured. Lydia lets her father think she has lots of friends. Nath is super cool. The younger Hannah retreats into her own world and tries to stay out of everyone’s way. Lydia and Nath understand and support each other. The mother, Marilyn struggles with her own history and growing fury over the direction her life has taken. When Lydia disappears, secrets start emerging, as does understanding of all the subterfuge of the past. This is a quick and engaging read with lots of meat for book club discussions.

Note: Your book group can borrow multiple copies of this novel and a discussion guide from the Westport Library. To request these:


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