The Nest

Four middle-aged siblings, each with his or her own struggle to “grow up”, are expecting a financial bailout from the trust established by their deceased father. The payout, the “Nest”, is due on the youngest sibling’s 40th birthday. While the father intended the funds to be an extra benefit in his children’s lives, the siblings have “counted their chickens” and are getting more and more anxious. Leo, the eldest has been bailed out of a scandal by his mother, who has used her access to the Nest to help him. Anticipation grows, as the siblings wait for Leo to repay his share of the nest.   He wobbles on the edge of rehab/relapse and his intentions are unclear. This is a source of anger and frustration for the younger siblings.

Author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney captures the personalities of the family members and their significant others with vivid details and contemporary scenes of NYC life. Subtexts about responsibility, gossip, and same sex relationships give the novel enough heft for a good book club discussion. This is a quick page turner and, I believe, an inevitable and enjoyable movie.


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