Castle memories

Such a challenge to get rid of stuff! Today, I packed up some of the toys taking up needed space in a spare bedroom.  What memories they evoked!

Tyler, my oldest grandson is in his late twenties. One of his favorite items was a plastic castle, complete with two bands of fighting knights and a very scary, big giant whose demise depended on the launch of a fair sized plastic “rock.”  I remember being persuaded to purchase this toy; overcoming my reluctance towards the violent narratives of play. Another grandson, Nathan, now in his late teens, also enjoyed this castle. My middle-aged daughter (Tyler’s mom) still comments on the castle, when she visits and I know she will be disappointed by its absence.

Matchbox cars!  These remind me of hours and hours spent at Toys R Us, while Tyler chose just the right car. During his annual summer visits, our toy store trips tested the patience I believed a grandmother should practice, while he examined aisles of toys for the perfect thing to have.

Legos!  The chunky school bus with the little wooden people! Plastic animals! Puzzles! Raggedy Ann! Most of the toys were used by the boys. Granddaughter Sophie, now in her twenties, was more into art projects and VHS tapes. Busy Town tapes by Richard Scary and the The Incredible Journey (1 & 2) by Sheila Burnford among others were watched over and over. I never did figure out how she absorbed the stories, while talking the entire time she watched.

Now Sophie is staying with me as she prepares for the next chapter in her journey. I have made a little more room for her… and another little advance in the getting- rid- of- stuff part of My journey.

(Those children’s books?  Still here!!)